Patrick Hynes: Is School Funding Commission a broad-based Trojan horse? | Op-eds

PREVIOUSLY, this columnist sounded the alarm that an income tax could be heading our way soon. In a letter to the Union Leader, one Democratic state legislator argued that such a thing happening wouldn’t be so bad and anyway we “shouldn’t worry too much about a state income tax” because it’s been years since the state legislature has seriously considered one.

Minimizing the threat does not make it go away, however.

At least one seasoned journalist believes a commission empaneled to review New Hampshire’s education funding formula could well come back with a recommendation in favor of a statewide income tax.

“Is the pledge and broad-based taxes (sic) still the third rail of New Hampshire politics or has the voltage been reduced considerably?” asks Garry Rayno. “I believe it has, but we will learn more in a couple of months.”

Rayno has watched the proceedings of the Commission to Study

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