Stop the fear-mongering. Holocaust education is good

Last week, a major survey was released about Holocaust education in the United States. The findings were heartening: 80% of U.S. college students reported receiving at least some Holocaust education during high school, 78% of those students reported knowing a lot or a moderate amount about the Holocaust, and students exposed to Holocaust education were found to hold more pluralistic attitudes and were more open to differing viewpoints.

And you most likely didn’t hear anything about it.

Opinion | Stop the fear-mongering. Holocaust education is good – and it works.

Instead you heard about another survey released this week, one designed to get headlines. It did its job: News outlets worldwide reported that shocking numbers of Americans lack “knowledge” of the Holocaust.

The goal of the first survey — sponsored by Echoes & Reflections, a joint program of the ADL, Yad Vashem, and USC Shoah Foundation — was to examine

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Yad Vashem, U. of Notre Dame to promote Holocaust education

Yad Vashem and the University of Notre Dame signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) set to promote Holocaust education and research among the “next generation of historians and researchers.”The agreement between the World Holocaust Remembrance Center and the South Bend, Indiana, university forwards Yad Vashem’s vision to increase Holocaust education and research across the globe.The MoU will be signed personally by Yad Vashem director-general Dorit Novak and vice president and associate provost for internationalization at the University of Notre Dame Michael Pippenger.”It is with great satisfaction that Yad Vashem is signing this important agreement with the University of Notre Dame,” Novak said in a statement. “Yad Vashem is committed to ensuring that the history of the Holocaust continues to be relevant today and for future generations, and is not relegated to yet another chapter in human history.”Our efforts aim to equip students and teachers alike with the necessary tools and
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