Inc. said Monday it is looking to hire 3,600 people to fill new jobs in its warehouses and delivery stations across Michigan, part of 100,000 positions the company is seeking to fill across the United States and Canada.

The online retail giant’s need for permanent full- and part-time hires is a result of company growth, said Ofori Agboka, vice president of human resources for Global Customer Fulfillment at Amazon. There are currently 13,500 Amazon jobs in Michigan.

“Our business model is predicated on customer demand and our customers want their product,” he said. “And we’re fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity to be a job creator to employ people who are furloughed, laid off, military vets. Anybody that’s looking to do something different.”

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The Amazon Romulus Fulfillment Center. (Photo: Todd McInturf, The Detroit News)

The promise of new jobs comes as Michigan is struggling with the