The Biggest Education Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Ethan Fieldman says his company is, “The biggest education company no one ever heard of.”

It’s hard to know for sure but he may be right.  

Study Edge, the company Fieldman founded, serves a million students a month and has contracts with some 700 universities.  

It’s a tutoring company.  But it’s not at all.  

Fieldman doesn’t even like the word “tutor.” He says many people think having a tutor, “means you’re either rich or dumb.” He prefers “instructor” and “study expert” and is also quick to point out that Study Edge is not one of the companies that uses the word “tutor” but means “cheater,” a place to pay someone to give you the answers.  

What he’s doing is different.

Though he’s a successful entrepreneur now, Fieldman began as a tutor – a prestigious National Merit Scholar at the University

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