NH Supreme Court to hear appeal Thursday over state education funding | Education

The state Supreme Court takes up the contentious issue of school funding on Thursday, faced with a lower court decision that found the state’s baseline contribution of $3,636 toward each student’s education is far from constitutionally adequate.

The case, brought by the ConVal School District and three other districts in southwestern New Hampshire, marks the first time since 2008 that the Supreme Court has dealt with the thorny issue of school funding.

Rulings in Claremont I, Claremont II and its 10 successor cases have established that New Hampshire children have a constitutional right to an adequate education, and state government must provide it.

“The state’s abdication of its constitutional obligation to fund an adequate education has gone on for decades as the court has granted the state latitude, time and again, to meet its obligations without judicial intervention,” wrote Michael Tierney, the Manchester lawyer representing the school districts.

Last year,

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Aiken County School Board to hear COVID-19, fall athletics updates at Tuesday meeting | Education

The Aiken County Board of Education will receive a COVID-19 update at the next board meeting on Tuesday evening.

Superintendent King Laurence will also deliver an update, including information about fall athletics.

With a recommendation from the school district, the board will vote to adopt a textbook for the Career and Technology Education welding course. Schools can order textbooks from the State Textbook Depository upon approval from the board and funding from the state, according to the meeting agenda.

The board will also vote to approve a few donations and grants.

Last week, Academy Sports + Outdoors donated sports equipment and $500 gift cards to physical education teachers at five Aiken County schools. The following schools received the donations: Aiken Intermediate School, Byrd Elementary School, Leavelle McCampbell Middle School, Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle School and Wagener-Salley High School.

Two Aiken County elementary schools’ food service departments were awarded National School Lunch

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Hear Steve Jobs demo his NeXT computer in 1988

An audio recording of Steve Jobs revealing the NeXT computer shortly after its official launch has been released in full.

On November 30, 1988, Steve Jobs gave one of the first public demonstrations of the then brand-new NeXT Computer to the Boston Computer Society. An audio recording was made of the entire event and it has now been released online.

Harry McCracken was in the audience at the time and has written about the experience of that night, and of the new audio discovery, for Fast Company.

“Sitting there being wowed by the machine was an oddly bittersweet experience,” he writes. “At $6,500, it was so far out of my price range that desiring one was purely aspirational, like lusting after a Lamborghini. But at evening’s end, as we streamed out of Jobs’s reality-distortion field back into the chilly Boston air, each of us got a NeXT product

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