New Hampshire’s School Funding System Fails Students, Taxpayers: Report


CONCORD, NH — The state’s current system is inequitable for both students and taxpayers, according to a recent report discussed Thursday by the New Hampshire Commission to Study School Funding.

The report by the American Institutes for Research found what many proponents of changing the current system have maintained: the education students receive in New Hampshire depends on where they live and that poorer communities pay higher tax rates for less educational resources resulting in lower student outcomes.

“New Hampshire’s current system of funding is not working for large segments of New Hampshire’s students and taxpayers. Specifically, communities with higher poverty rates and lower property wealth are doubly penalized under New Hampshire’s current system,” the report concluded. “Students in these communities, on average, receive fewer resources in the form of funding than students in wealthier communities.”

Commission chairman Rep. David Luneau, D-Hopkinton, said the findings “point

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