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Can there be any denying that humans, like the bushy-tailed eastern ground squirrel, are disposed to foolhardiness? And when there’s an element of risk involved, doesn’t sanity come into question? I could quote several stylish examples of insanity, but those young risk-takers standing frighteningly close to the crumbling, weathered edge of the mile-high outcroppings along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, the heels of their Nikes in perfect alignment with the canyon’s precipitous decline, they take the cake. Standing heel-and-toe with fate, these wild-eyed exhibitionists risk it all for a selfie.

Psychology is as much a settled science as is the Ouija board. Determining what’s solid ground and what’s over-the-edge is not an absolute science. Ray Bradbury, best known for his highly imaginative short stories and novels, says “Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.” Vague? Maybe. But who can pinpoint where light ends and

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School board should represent diversity of community | Guest Opinions

Our community’s demographics have changed significantly in the past two decades. The Blaine County School District now has 43 percent Hispanic students and is on track to have a majority Hispanic enrollment in a few years. These students and their families bring rich and healthy diversity to our community.

Right now, there is a wonderful opportunity for the district board to encourage members of the Hispanic community to apply for appointment for a school board seat that has become vacant. The zone that is up for appointment (Zone 2) comprises mainly the Woodside neighborhood, an area where many Hispanic community members reside.

Finding people willing to apply for the position is challenging. The job of a district board member is unpaid. Board members have responsibility for the largest municipal budget and employ the most people in the valley. Doing the job well is time-consuming. It is also thankless. Board members

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GUEST VIEW: Biden won’t win votes by threatening swing state jobs

It sometimes seems as if former Vice President Biden is hell bent on losing this November.

Biden’s clean energy plan calls for banning new oil and gas permits on public lands and waters. While that position might appeal to environmentalists, it won’t win over the swing state voters who rely on America’s oil and natural gas industry for affordable energy and good jobs.

The natural gas and oil industry supports more than 10 million high-paying jobs across the nation. Many of these jobs are located in swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan, all of which Democrats lost in 2016. The industry supports more than 12 percent of jobs in Texas, another key state Democrats want to carry in 2020.

The industry is projected to support an additional 1.9 million American jobs by 2035. Nearly 60 percent of those positions will go to blue-collar workers, a group that supported President

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