Why scientist Gretchen Goldman’s tweet about a CNN interview went viral

SALT LAKE CITY — Scientist and mother Gretchen Goldman never expected her message to go viral.

On Tuesday, Goldman posted a side-by-side photo to Twitter of herself during a CNN interview compared to the messy reality of the work-from-home mother’s Washington, D.C. home.

“I was surprised how much it resonated with people,” Goldman said of the tweet, which as of Wednesday afternoon has more than a quarter-million “Likes” and 30,000 retweets.

Goldman’s tweet, the beginning of Twitter threads, reads “Just so I’m being honest.”

The first photo shows Goldman — who is research director for the Center of Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists and has a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology — during a Monday interview with CNN.

She was on air to critique the appointment of David Legates, a University of Delaware professor of climatology, to the National Oceanic and

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