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Filtration & Separation Asia (FSA) combined with China International Filtration & Separation Exhibition, which is hosted by China Filtration & Separation Society (CFS), CNTA Science & Technology Co., Ltd (CNTA) and Informa Markets, is a leading professional exhibition in filtration and separation area.

As a famous and important exhibition in Asia area, this every-2-year event aims to provide a trade and technical communication platform for exhibitors and visitors, where the up-to-edge filtration technologies, technical solutions and know-how can be found and discussed. The scale of the FSA2020 exhibition has expanded to 12,500, an increase of 12% compared with 2018. It is expected to have 235 exhibitors, and the audience is expected to reach 10,000.

The exhibit category covers filter media, filter media production equipment and accessories, chemicals, filters, filters production lines, testing & analysis equipment, services and others.


Exhibitor Technical Presentation,

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