How a NJ teacher with no experience became an award-winning franchisee

  • Lynn Ann Zazzali is a former public school teacher who bought her first franchise location of The Learning Experience in 2006 with a loan from her family.
  • After three years of business, she repaid the loan and now owns eight TLE locations in the greater New York metro area.
  • Business Insider spoke with Zazzali about why she chose to partner with a franchisor, and how she was able to translate that relationship into her current success.
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Lynn Ann Zazzali became an entrepreneur the way many others have — she turned necessity into opportunity.

After 12 years as a public school teacher on a career track to becoming a principal, Zazzali decided to take a different direction and become a business owner.

She had seen a lot as a teacher, from high schools in rough communities to quieter elementary schools, and she’d earned a

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