VeChain Joins China Animal Health And Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) As Council Member To Provide Blockchain Technology For Enterprise Members

CAFA is a government-backed organization directly under the Chinese National Agricultural Science Technology Innovation Alliance initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China, which aims to build a trustworthy platform that connects the government, industry associations, producer enterprises and research institutes in the food sector.

Since its launch, CAFA has revealed more than 130 members that are already signed up as official members of the alliance. These members consist of massive companies and bodies across upstream and downstream parties in the food industry, including supermarkets, food and beverage manufacturers, e-commerce platforms and more. Other members also include major players in the CTI industry, research labs, agricultural and animal supplies.

As a council member of CAFA, VeChain intends to enhance CAFA’s strategy of “building a from-farm-to-table traceability system across the entire country.

By using VeChain ToolChain, all enterprise members of the

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Modern technology to be introduced to promote Halal food industry: Chaudhry Fawad

Modern technology to be introduced to promote Halal food industry: Chaudhry Fawad
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ISLAMABAD, Sep 9 (APP): Federal Minister for Science and Technology Chuadhry Fawad Hussain on Wednesday said that modern technology would be introduced to promote Pakistan’s Halal Food Industry.

Addressing an awareness seminar titled “Halal Accreditation: A Gateway to international Trade” organized by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Ministry of Science and Technology at Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), he said that it was time to adopt digitalization and bio technology, adding that Halal authority was formed to strengthen the industry.

The minister said that after 18th amendment provinces have not shared their plans in this regard, adding that people want investment should be facilitated and farms should be established to increase the livestock.

He called upon provincial Ministers of Livestock to play their role in strengthening Halal food industry.

Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said that government was not supposed to do business, but provide maximum

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Lethbridge food banks prepare for uptick in demand as some government funding ends or changes

a store filled with lots of food: The Interfaith Food Bank in Lethbridge, Alta. is preparing for an increase in clients as government funding ends or changes in the coming months

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The Interfaith Food Bank in Lethbridge, Alta. is preparing for an increase in clients as government funding ends or changes in the coming months

Food banks in Lethbridge have been working hard to navigate what kind of demand they may see as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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“We’ve been very lucky [that] our numbers have not been as high as we expected, mostly because people have been fortunate enough to be on government supports,” said Danielle McIntyre, the executive director at Interfaith Food Bank.

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She said that as some of that provincial and federal aid starts to end or change, food banks are preparing for an increase in clients.

“We are now finally starting to see our numbers tick up, a lot of them because people have expended their time on

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Horizon Education Centers give back with Mobile Food Pantry

CLEVELAND, Ohio — With many families still suffering from the pandemic, Horizon Education Centers is giving back to the community with a Mobile Food Pantry.

a group of people riding on the back of a truck: The Greater Cleveland Food Bank held its weekly food distribution again at the Cleveland Muni lot, April 30, 2020, and had more than 2,900 people signed up.  David Petkiewicz,

© David Petkiewicz, Petkiewicz,
The Greater Cleveland Food Bank held its weekly food distribution again at the Cleveland Muni lot, April 30, 2020, and had more than 2,900 people signed up. David Petkiewicz,

On Thursday, Sept. 3, from 3-5:30 p.m., Horizon is hosting the event on Cleveland’s west side at Horizon Education Center in Market Square, 2500 W. 25th Street.

The school is partnering with the Greater Cleveland Food Bank on the event, which is open to all. It will be first-come, first-served, rain or shine, and organizers suggest residents bring their own bags.

To pick up food, people will need an ID, but do not need to pre-register.

This is just one way Horizon gives back to its community, says Renee

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FSIS Recognizes September as Food Safety Education Month

Washington, Aug. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is reminding the public to think about health and safety in the kitchen for National Food Safety Education Month this September. Consumers are encouraged to practice behaviors that will continue to help keep them and their loved ones safe from foodborne illness.

“My vision for food safety includes enhancing and emphasizing consumer education,” said Under Secretary for Food Safety Mindy Brashears. “Consumers play a vital role in reducing foodborne illness – and by providing scientifically accurate and effective food safety information, we can help empower them to adopt and practice safe food handling behaviors in their own homes.”

Foodborne illness is a preventable public health challenge that results in millions of illnesses each year in the United States. To combat this public health challenge, FSIS engages with the public about food

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Do You Know the Steps for Food Safety?

SILVER SPRING, Md., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — September is National Food Safety Education Month and it’s the perfect time to learn the key steps for food safety: Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill. Not sure how to include these steps when prepping and cooking at home? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Safety in Your Kitchen materials provide food safety information to help you plan your next meal. You’ll find delicious recipes (with steps for food safety already built in), fact sheets, and tips on safe meal prep, storage, and shopping. And, if you are a young adult, the Everyday Food Safety materials can help you learn the basics of food safety. The materials include a helpful video and tip sheets on each of the steps below.


  • Wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food.
  • Wash
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Pastured meat, education core of Twisted Pines Farm; ‘We just want people to be more aware of where their food comes from’ | Woodmen Edition

BLACK FOREST • Although the presence of COVID-19 has made it difficult, providing education on raising animals for healthy consumption has been a backbone of Twisted Pines Farm.

Twisted Pines Farm and its owners Grant and Alison Goldberg raise broiler birds, beef, lamb and pork on their farm in Black Forest. It is their mission to provide high quality, sustainably farmed, locally raised food that is affordable and available to their community.

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For more information on Twisted Pines Farm’s products and education efforts, visit the website,

The animals at Twisted Pines Farm are pastured, free-range products. All of the farm’s ruminant animals — those with four-chambered stomachs, such as cows and sheep — are grass-fed. The pigs and poultry, including free-range chicken and turkeys, are provided a supplemental feed milled from La Junta, as those animals are omnivores.

“We don’t do confinement housing,” said Grant Goldberg, a

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Education leaders ask community to help alleviate food insecurity for students

a group of people standing in a room

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Food insecurity among Utah students has increased amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

In fact, Granite School District has experienced more than a 300% increase in need as the pandemic took hold in March.

Brent Severe, CEO of the Granite Education Foundation, said in a prepared statement:

Prior to coronavirus, food insecurity was already an issue all of our schools faced to some degree. The pandemic has only exacerbated the need as unemployment drastically changed and the anxiety over possible job loss and the ability for families to meet their daily needs.

More than ever we are in need of the support from the broad community. Every child deserves to come to school and focus on learning rather than wondering where their next meal is coming from.

The foundation helps meet the needs of schools, students, and communities in a variety of ways. One of

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