Two Fast Ways To Show Your Company That You Have Great Leadership Skills (Even If You Don’t Have A Leadership Title)

Every year, surveys of CEOs find that chief executives are deeply concerned about having a deep enough pool of talented leaders. And while that sounds bad, it actually represents a great opportunity for anyone who can demonstrate that they do, in fact, have the requisite leadership chops. 

The challenge, of course, is how to demonstrate one’s leadership acumen. If you’ve got profit-and-loss responsibility and you oversee the performance management systems in your area, it’s pretty straightforward to demonstrate leadership (i.e., make money and develop lots of high performers). But what if you’re more of a team leader? Or your responsibilities are cross-functional? What if you lack a management title?

There are a lot of potentially great leaders out there who lack the formal authority to implement all their fantastic leadership insights. But the good news is that there are some quick ways to show off your leadership skills, even

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How to Build the Right Mindset to Change Careers and Learn New Skills Fast

There’s a reskilling revolution happening. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has spurred the evolution of how business is done. Whether positioning a new brand or as an authority in the marketplace it’s critical to realize there is a new awareness of the skillsets required by both staff and clients.

Businesses large and small are rethinking the requirements of employees as well as the technology necessary to deliver products and services to clients. This awareness is driving entrepreneurs in the technology and training industries to position themselves to win by offering courses specific to those skills.

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Businesses aren’t the only ones rethinking their futures. Given the significant disruption in the workforce

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London Showcases How Tech Will Help Navigate Our Fast Evolving World

London Tech Week, Europe’s most influential technology festival,
runs through 11th September

  • A fully virtual and globally accessible event, it will cover the whole tech ecosystem, focusing on health, education, business transformation, the future of work, diversity and inclusion
  • Key speakers include former Google CEO & Co-Founder of Schmidt Futures, Eric Schmidt, the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP the Secretary of State for Health, Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden and Dr. Indra Joshi Director of AI at NHSX

LONDON, Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — London Tech Week 2020 launches this week showcasing the best of global tech and how it will play a crucial role in helping us navigate the challenges facing our changing world.

Europe’s most influential tech event, which runs through 11th September, will look at the impact of the technology ecosystem on the key issues of our age including health, education, security, the future of

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