Former CIA analyst Rodney Faraon on transferring skills from CIA to Disney

In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell interviews Rodney Faraon, a former China analyst and 15-year veteran of the CIA, about how he transferred skills he developed at the agency to a variety of roles outside of government. Faraon, now a partner at Martin+Crumpton Group LLC, also held roles at Walt Disney Company and in the film and investment industries. Faraon tells Morell about his experience briefing former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet and drafting testimony for the annual Worldwide Threats Hearing.


  • From CIA to Disney: “[T]he key skills for great intelligence analysts are twofold. One is your ability to express yourself in writing or speaking or however. The other is critical thinking. So if you’ve got those two skills and you know how to apply them, every day, when when you look through what seems to be just regular data, information, news, it becomes intelligence
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