Care leavers are facing ‘digital poverty’ with no online access to education or work

Care leavers are facing “digital poverty” without laptops or access to the internet, campaigners say.

a person sitting on the keyboard of a laptop: The scheme to provide internet access to vulnerable young people ends in November

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The scheme to provide internet access to vulnerable young people ends in November

A government scheme to provide digital devices and internet access to vulnerable young people in England during the pandemic is set to end in November.

Charities say it risks leaving up to 80,000 18-25 year-old care leavers isolated and unable to access education and work or to keep in touch with friends and family.

In an open letter to ministers, leading charities and youth organisations including Barnardo’s and The Children’s Society have called on the government to extend the scheme and ensure every care leaver gets internet access for at least 12 months when they first live independently.

a close up of a woman who is smiling and looking at the camera: Luke Fox felt isolated after leaving care when he was 18

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Luke Fox felt isolated after leaving care when he was 18

They’ve described the

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Facing grim budget forecasts, school districts seek help from New Mexico legislators |

G. Andrés Romero heard and understood the concerns expressed by public school district superintendents from across the state because he saw the problem, too.

There was a common theme to the superintendents’ worries, regardless of the size of their districts, voiced during a Legislative Education Study Committee session Wednesday morning. They expressed serious reservations about what their budgets will look like for the 2021-22 school year based on funding formulas legislators have in place, and they need their help to fix the problem.

Superintendents from school districts in Logan, Tularosa, Des Moines, Las Cruces, Albuquerque and Rio Rancho presented data that showed significant declines in student enrollment for the 2020-21 school year, driven by the coronavirus pandemic. That could lead to decidedly smaller budgets for next year because they are based on current enrollment figures.

Romero, a Democratic state representative from Albuquerque who also chairs the House’s Education Committee, said

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Science, facing doubters, should assert its truths


Despite local doubts, science showed that the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse could be safely moved back from the encroaching sea in 1999. (National Park Service photo.)

American Science is at a peak of accomplishment in many fields. But according to Holden Thorp the editor-in -chief of Science Journals (and a former Chancellor of UNC), “The scientific community is losing the battle against misinformation” in spite of the rapid pace of science advancements in America.

Thorp suggests that normal scientific communication by well reasoned op-eds, well researched newspaper articles, and science articles in magazines written for a lay audience is not working. He suggests that the problem is a “massive churning, finely tuned, digital misinformation machine that has seized social media” and is responsible for the fact that a large portion of the population doesn’t accept science. A genuine war against science is in full swing.

Take global climate change science. We

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Officials say NASA facing increased targeting by foreign and domestic hackers

Top officials at NASA say the agency is facing increasing attempts by foreign hackers to target sensitive information as it works to improve its IT security during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NASA has vast troves of intellectual information capital that it has spent decades amassing. I think country actors are after that information, the innovations that NASA is so famous for around the world,” agency Inspector General Paul Martin testified to a House Science, Space and Technology Committee subcommittee on Friday.

“There is everything from PII [personally identifiable information], contractual data on the systems, so there is a vast and wide array,” Martin said. “NASA has unfortunately been under attack from both domestic and foreign cyber criminals, and so it is just an ongoing, incredibly difficult issue to keep NASA’s defenses up.”

When pressed by members of the committee on which countries were involved, Martin acknowledged that China was among the

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Child Advocacy Center facing funding issues | News

In a normal year, more than 250 alleged cases of child abuse come into the Child Advocacy Center of Tuscola County.

Executive Director Kathleen Sweeney interviews every single child.

But this year she’s only seen 90 kids, far less than usual. There’s worry that lower number does not mean less abuse.

“There was virtual school. There were no eyes on these children. And we were very, very much concerned about what was happening. And there was no one to disclose to or report any abuse, said Sweeney.

To make matters worse, the center is in financial trouble. Due to COVID, they weren’t able to have their six-month fundraising campaign starting in April.

“People have little to no comprehension oftentimes, of the work that’s done in a center like this to help provide a safe environment for children,” explained Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene.

On top of all that, the center

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Facing funding shortfall, South Colonie Central School District considers layoffs and furloughs

COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — As schools reopen, many districts are not just grappling with health concerns, they are also dealing with a shortfall in funding. Some, especially those in lower income communities, are are forced to layoff teachers and non-instructional staff, too.

In the South Colonie Central School District, Superintendent Dr. David Perry told NEWS10’s Anya Tucker they will have to make some very tough decisions, which will impact everyone in their schools.

Perry said he is ready for a new, albeit different kind of school year. But even before they open their doors, he is forced to find ways to trim the fat from a budget that’s already in an emaciated state.

“It’s going to lead to the potential for layoffs. Its just how soon those layoffs come, in all areas. Not just instructional, across the board,” said Perry.

He’s not alone. Many districts are looking at drastic cuts

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