Student debt exploded because of taxpayer-backed college loans

Tommy Gregory
 |  Guest columnist

Before COVID-19, before nationwide protests, and before rioting shook our streets, one of the biggest issues during the Democratic presidential primary debates was that of the absurdly high cost of college and associated student debt.

It’s a legitimate issue. College is exceedingly expensive. But the Democratic candidates never got into why college costs have been skyrocketing faster than even health care or what to do about the underlying problem. Instead, they offered government bailouts in the form of debt forgiveness and socialism is the form free college for everyone. These “solutions” would actually make the problem immensely, unsustainably worse.

For instance, Democrat standard-bearer Joe Biden wants to expand federal income-based college debt forgiveness and create a free public college program for families making less than $125,000.

But higher education was never to be intended as an entitlement. The underlying problem that the Democrat candidates did

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