CPM Roskamp appreciates employees’ skills, work ethic | Business – Local News

By 1931, the company had branched out into pellet milling, instigating a new business name: California Pellet Mill, which was eventually shortened to CPM.

Mergers and acquisitions broadened product lines in ensuing decades, and new locations were added in the United States, Amsterdam and Singapore. The Waterloo site was added in 1987, when CPM acquired Roskamp Manufacturing. This was followed by additional U.S. sites as well as those in South America, China and Europe.

Today, CPM Holdings Inc. is a global company, with 26 locations in 11 countries and 3,000-plus customers.

Longevity, success and a global reputation combine to attract a talented workforce, says Roed.

To find new staff, CPM relies on regional recruiters, referrals from current employees and colleges and universities networking. He’s quick to tell prospective employees not to stereotype the company because it’s a global employer.

“This is not a rigid workplace with a conservative culture and

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