A Labor Day Plea to Protect Michigans Essential School Workers / Public News Service

School support staff are sometimes not granted the same workplace protections as other educators. (Adobe Stock)

September 4, 2020

LANSING, Mich. — As Michigan celebrates the American worker over the Labor Day weekend, some of those who support K-12 learning say their contributions are being taken for granted.

There are thousands of paraprofessionals, food-service workers, school nurses and secretaries throughout Michigan, and Jeff Whittle — president of the Macomb Intermediate Federation of Paraprofessionals — said they are integral to how school districts function.

He contends many support staff workers will be back to the job this fall without adequate health and safety measures and equipment in place.

“Everybody’s competing amongst themselves to get their own PPE,” said Whittle. “A paraprofessional told me that their school district told the support staff that they would have masks for the teachers – but the paraprofessionals would have to provide their own masks.”


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15 Essential Leadership Skills Everyone Should Develop To Better Handle Change

Business leaders need to be able to handle times of change. Whether they’re facing an internal issue or an external shift in the industry, they must be able to lead their employees through any circumstance. To do this successfully, managers and executives must actively cultivate various key leadership skills throughout their careers.

We asked the members of Forbes Coaches Council which essential leadership skills everyone should develop and why. Their best answers are below.

1. Flexibility

A business leader needs more flexibility, so they should adopt the phrase, “How you change is how you succeed.” The world is moving around us and if we sit still, we soon find that opportunity is passing us by. A mindset of change helps us be more receptive to new ideas and leads

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Education is essential. But why?

As we begin a new school year amid the pandemic, let’s remember why so much effort, thought and care is being placed in how best to educate our children.

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Rabbi Shlame Landa of Chabad of Fairfield

Education is a need. It’s essential. It’s time we view it accordingly.

In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Connecticut schools have largely been closed as the virus swept through. With the new school year arriving, many schools are preparing to reopen using a hybrid model, alternating in-person and online learning.

It’s a decision that may be the best compromise under the circumstances, but one that has satisfied no one.

Many teachers are still voicing concerns about putting their health at risk to teach. And many parents continue to oppose measures that would prevent them from returning to

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