How Can School Leaders Support Engaging Remote Education?

Why the Focus Should Be on Student Engagement This Year

It’s evident that student engagement is critical to student learning and success. Kristin Kipp chair of education at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, and Kerry Rice, professor in the department of educational technology at Boise State University, write at EdSurge that engaged learners “demonstrate stronger satisfaction with learning experiences, stronger achievement in courses and increased graduation rates.”

Kipp and Rice also explain that learning environments where fostering relationships, productive instructional strategies and social and emotional development are supported are where the deepest engagement happens. But with fewer face-to-face interactions, limited hands-on work and collaboration and an unfamiliarity with how online classes work, many students may feel isolated and disconnected from their teachers and peers during remote learning.

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s Urban Education Institute offers a snapshot of what that challenge looks like for districts

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