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In fact, early experiences, whether positive or negative, can follow a child throughout his/her lifetime. Each positive interaction with a baby or young child is an opportunity to learn and build trust, which sets the stage for future learning and school success. Conversely, exposure to excessive stress, fear and anxiety can add up over time to impede a child’s development and ability to learn.

The connection between a child’s early experiences and the lifelong impacts that follow brings to light the critical role of early care and education programs.

According to research, investment in high-quality early education programs pays-off. Professor James Heckman at the University of Chicago has found, “the rate of return for investment in quality early childhood education is 13% per annum through better outcomes in education, health, sociability, economic productivity and reduced crime.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which has been conducting research into this topic

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Early departures saved flight attendants’ jobs

Delta Air Lines will not furlough any flight attendants and front-line workers in 2020 due to the many employees who opted for early retirement, the airline announced on Tuesday.

a large room: Delta: Early departures saved flight attendants' jobs

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Delta: Early departures saved flight attendants’ jobs

More than 40,000 employees voluntarily signed up for short- and long-term unpaid leaves of absences and 20 percent chose to voluntarily exit the company, CEO Ed Bastian wrote in a memo to employees. Delta also scaled down operations and reduced ground-based employees work hours by 25 percent.

“While it is difficult to see so many of our colleagues leave, every one of those departures helped save Delta jobs,” Bastian wrote. “As a result of these actions, Delta will be able to avoid involuntary furloughs for our flight attendants and ground-based frontline employees in the U.S., as we’ve effectively managed our staffing between now and the start of peak summer 2021

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Early education organization will persevere after founder Billie Osborne-Fears’ deaths

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Billie Osborne-Fears founded Starting Point to optimize childhood education by connecting families to affordable, accessible care and learning opportunities.

Osbourne-Fears died Sept. 4 after a short illness. She was known for her passion for children and being an advocate for her community, she spent her life’s work helping others.

“It was very sudden; it was a shock to the organization,” said Starting Point board member Andrew Hertz. “She led the organization with fairness and compassion to create the infrastructure that would improve the quality of care for our region’s children.”

So what’s next for the organization, which offers early childhood education, out-of-school care, and related programs in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Lake counties?

Starting Point will continue to maintain its current services and youth programs offered as safe as possible amidst the pandemic.

“Everything that we had been doing under Bille’s leadership, that continues,” said Debbie

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Early intervention: Spotting problems in your adopted child’s development

Reprinted from:

Maybe I was paranoid. Everyone seemed to think so. But my son was almost 2 years old and showing no signs of talking. Boys always talk late, people said. Albert Einstein didn’t talk until he was 3, they said. But I knew plenty of 2-year-old boys who were at least trying to speak. And I knew that my son’s blood lead levels had at one time been elevated. To say I was worried is an understatement.

When I confessed my fears to a friend, she had a simple response: “Have you tried Early Intervention?” Of course I hadn’t. I had never heard of Early Intervention.

The Early Intervention program

Discovering the Early Intervention program can feel like stumbling upon a pot of gold on the steps of City Hall. You’re going to evaluate and diagnose my child? You’re going to assign committed, talented therapists and educators to his

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Virtual Story School helps Tucson kids develop early reading skills | schools

Just like Make Way for Books’ superhero Paula Palabras grows strong by learning words, so too do your kids. 

Families who sign up for the local nonprofit’s Virtual Story School (which has both English and Spanish options) will meet Paula Palabras and develop skills to promote language development and literacy at home. “Palabras” means “words” in Spanish.  

“The goal of the program is to have children fall in love with books and develop emergent literarcy skills so they go on to become great readers,” says Make Way for Books CEO Jenny Volpe. “And parents also gain confidence and skills to support their child.” 

Virtual Story School is an adaptation — albeit with multiple new components — of an in-person program for kids ages 3-5. For 10 weeks, a parent and child meet weekly with a family literacy specialist over Zoom in a cohort of eight families. Then, throughout the week,

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Istation approved by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide early literacy screening assessments


Billionaire David Shaw Pours Money Into 3 “Strong Buy” Stocks

Are the tides turning on Wall Street? Stocks fell in the past three trading sessions, as investors abandoned the tech heavyweights that have been at the forefront of the market’s remarkable charge forward. What’s behind the sell-off? Sky-high valuations reminiscent of the dot-com era have sparked fears of a tech bubble. To this end, investors are wondering if this pullback is just a correction, or if it is the start of a larger drawdown.In times like these, the legends can offer some guidance. We are referring to the people that transformed the way we play the investing game, namely David Shaw.A former Columbia University computer-science professor, Shaw founded the D. E. Shaw group at a small bookstore in New York City in 1988. Starting out with six employees and $28 million in capital, he pioneered a new investing approach,

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Development of a probabilistic early health warning system based on meteorological parameters

Observed cases of MAL and ADD

The actual recorded weekly mean of MAL and ADD cases along with the climatological rainfall (hereafter R/F), maximum temperature (hereafter TMx) and minimum temperature (hereafter TMn) over PNE and NGP regions are shown in Fig. 1 (X axes represent the weeks of a calendar year and Y axes for R/F or TMx or TMn or average cases of MAL or ADD). The Fig. 1a and b represent climatological values of R/F, TMx and TMn over PNE and NGP respectively. It is seen that rainy season over PNE lasts from June to mid-October, whereas over NGP it lasts for June–September (JJAS). TMx and Tmin are higher over both the regions during pre-monsoon months of March–May and drop down during monsoon months (JJAS). Figure 1c and d show the MAL cases and Fig. 1e and f show the ADD cases over PNE and NGP respectively. It

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Santa Monica-Malibu Unified Cuts Nearly 100 Early Education Jobs

What would regional public transit and mobility look like if Los Angeles County’s buses and trains were free for everyone? The L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority is trying to answer that question.

Metro CEO Phillip Washington launched a task force today to study what he has dubbed the “Fareless System Initiative, or Operation FSI.” And he wants to move fast.

Last week, Washington told Metro’s board of directors he hopes the system could go fare-free as soon as “the beginning of the new year.”

During his virtual presentation, he cited the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color and low-income residents as one reason to pursue free transit, which he compared to public services such as firefighting and policing:

“In many cases, people are having to choose between paying rent, paying utilities or utilizing transit. We believe that achieving [a] fare-free public transit system — for

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