United Airlines To Cut 16,000 Jobs When Federal Aid Dries Up This Fall


United Airlines on Wednesday announced it will join American Airlines in cutting thousands of jobs in October due to ongoing low demand and the impending end of federal aid under the CARES Act.


After warning 36,000 of its nearly 92,000 employees last month that their positions were at risk, United announced it’s preparing to cut 16,370 workers on October 1. 

The non-voluntary cuts will impact 6,920 flight attendants, 2,850 pilots, 2,260 working in airport operations, 2,010 mechanics and 1,400 management jobs. 

Many of the workers will be furloughed, meaning they can return to their positions when demand picks up again.

Around 7,400 United employees have already chosen to leave the company and 20,000 others are on temporary leave programs. 

American Airlines made a similar announcement last week, with 19,000 employees expected to lose

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