How to Land Your Dream Job (Even in a Pandemic)

During this way too long pandemic, thinking about your “dream job” may seem like a waste of time.

“Forget about a dream job,” you might think, “I just need a paycheck!” Whether you are job hunting or in work that you desperately want to escape, you may be tempted to take any job to get out of your current situation.

While it’s true that at times it makes sense to take a less-than-ideal job to bring in some money, you don’t want to get stuck in a dead-end, poor fitting, soul-deadening job. The key to finding work you love to do is persevering in the pursuit of your dream job despite the obstacles.

Despite the pandemic, the payoff can be huge!

Here are some keys to finding work you love in the midst of a pandemic:

1. Practice God-Confidence

It is a good thing to have self-confidence and it is

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Can’t Secure Your Dream Job? Create Your Own

It’s no secret that the global coronavirus pandemic has significantly spiked the recent rise in unemployment rates. While being jobless is difficult for many, it can be especially hard for college students and recent graduates, since most have a load of student loans to carry, and some students may not have relevant experience to find a new job quickly.

We’ve come to know that many posts are either based on the traditional nine-to-five, Monday through Friday model or have a specific adjusted schedule. As the times change, so do the people and the job titles. Many positions in high demand today (think SEO or CRO specialists) didn’t even exist pre-digital age and weren’t that common at the beginning of the decade. However, there isn’t just a change in job

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