Sept. 8, 2020 — Donna J. Cox, director of NCSA’s Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL), was recently awarded the International Planetarium Society’s 2020 Technology Innovation Award. This is just the eighth time since the society’s founding in 1958 that this honor has been bestowed. It is only awarded when a recipient is identified as meeting the award criteria: an individual with “a broad, deep and concrete effect in the profession and its development” and “whose technology and/or innovations in the planetarium field have been, through the years, utilized or replicated by other members and/or other planetariums.”

Donna J. Cox, director of NCSA’s Advanced Visualization Laboratory, the Michael Aiken Chair in the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, director of Illinois’ eDream Institute at NCSA, head of NCSA’sResearch and Education Directorate, and NCSA Chief Scholar. Image courtesy of NCSA.

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