ViacomCBS Reaches Deal to Sell CNET for $500 Million to Marketing Firm Red Ventures

ViacomCBS is offloading CNET Media Group in a $500 million deal with digital-marketing company Red Ventures, which announced the deal Monday.

Under the deal, CNET Media Group EVP and GM Mark Larkin, along with the unit’s senior execs, will remain with Red Ventures following the acquisition. The CNET sale is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020. CNET Media Group has 980 employees and “our plan is to grow CNET in ways unforeseen,” a Red Ventures rep told Variety. She declined to address whether the company anticipates any layoffs following the deal close, saying that “right now we’re focusing on how we grow.”

CBS acquired CNET Networks in 2008 for $1.8 billion. In addition to the flagship CNET consumer-tech site, the CNET Media Group also houses brands including GameSpot, the Metacritic reviews-aggregation site,, Chowhound, Roadshow, and B2B tech site ZDNet.

“I believe that the combination of

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Are Singaporean workers really losing jobs to Indian expats due to Ceca free-trade deal?

a group of people jumping in the air: Office workers in Singapore. Photo: Reuters

Office workers in Singapore. Photo: Reuters

As Singapore’s economy slows amid the coronavirus pandemic and job losses mount, people’s anxieties over their livelihoods have found a convenient target: a free-trade agreement Singapore signed with India in 2005. On social media, the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (Ceca) is being blamed for willy-nilly letting Indian nationals into Singapore to steal jobs from locals – no matter how many times the government says it is not true.

On a Facebook post of a news article explaining that Ceca did not give Indians automatic access to citizenship, permanent residency or employment, Stephanie Low commented: “Our jobs are taken by Ceca! Wait till the ministers’ jobs are also taken by them, then they will know!”

Others, like Emran Rahman, disparagingly referred to Indians as Ceca, saying: “Everywhere CECA! Even housing estates have them around!”

On the public group SG Opposition, Michael da Silva said

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Are there enough school nurses in Alabama to deal with coronavirus?

As Alabama schools reopen, medical experts say it’s a matter of when, not if, before students and staff bring COVID-19 into schools.

The first handful of systems just began to reopen last week. Already, five students at Saraland High School were sent home for a 14-day isolation after coming in contact with someone who had the virus on the first day of school.

There have been outbreaks and closures as students returned to school in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia.

In Alabama, every school that opens for students must have a plan in place to isolate students or staff showing symptoms and also to track down who the student or staff may have come into “close contact” with while at school.

Those duties, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health, fall to the school nurse.

That’s on top of regular school nurse duties in a given day.

But there’s a

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Another coronavirus aid package is probably ‘not happening’ after August jobs report and deal to avoid government shutdown, analyst says


a group of people in front of a building: Artworks calling for relief from Congress are displayed last month on grass by the U.S. Capitol building.

© Getty Images
Artworks calling for relief from Congress are displayed last month on grass by the U.S. Capitol building.

Friday’s jobs report makes it more likely that Washington won’t deliver another big coronavirus aid package before the November election, according to some analysts.


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The better-than-expected report showed the U.S. economy regained 1.4 million jobs in August as unemployment fell to 8.4% from 10.2%.

See: U.S. regains 1.4 million jobs in August, unemployment falls to 8.4%

And read: ‘What’s concerning is that the pace of jobs growth is slowing down’ — economists react to August jobs report

“For those who, after having voted to explode the budget deficit, have suddenly remembered that they don’t like government welfare payments, this report could strengthen their resolve to deny another package gets passed, since the need is not nearly as great as it had been,” said Joel Naroff, president

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