Local schools could lose millions under current funding formula

Johnson County schools could lose millions of dollars if virtual students aren’t fully funded by the state.

As it stands, starting in January, virtual students will be funded at just 85% of the rate of an in-school student if that student attends school in-person less than half the time.

Gov. Eric Holcomb earlier this month said he would ask the Indiana State Board of Education to call a special meeting to delay the fall count of student enrollment, known as the Average Daily Membership, through at least December. That count is used to set new funding levels for schools.

Center Grove schools, the county’s largest district, stands to lose the most of any Johnson County school district if the current funding formula is used. The district shifted from full-time in-person learning at its high school and two middle schools this week after the school district reported 316 COVID-19-related student absences,

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Cell Analysis Market 2020-2025: By Technology, Global Analysis, Industry Growth, Current Trends, And Forecast

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The cell analysis market is estimated to represent a global market of USD 20.3 billion by 2017 with growth rate of 6.18%.

The cell analysis industry thrives on studying the intricacies of an individual cell or a group of cells using scientific processes thus finding novel applications across diverse industries. It finds application in genetics, disease cure, diagnosis and improving overall healthcare facilities. Countries and governments are increasing their spending capacity when it comes to research. The Irish Cancer Society stated that the Government of Ireland invested in over 40 projects that were carried out by the Science Foundation of Ireland. The annual review agenda document mentioned that Science Foundation Ireland awards investment of EUR43 million through SFI Investigators Programme. Cancer organizations like Cancer Institute of New South Wales (NSW) funded the University of Sydney for live

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Skill development top priority in current job scenario: Survey

jhon yudha

New Delhi: Skill development has taken the lead over academic qualifications in the current employment scenario, according to a recent survey.

The survey conducted by Vasitum, a recruitment start-up, and Talerang, an employability and training organisation, showed that many companies now look for individuals who do not just have a bag full of academic qualifications, but rather skills and experience that they bring with them making them work-ready.

It showed that there is a consensus among all about the importance of skill development for jobs. Skill development is no longer a matter of choice. It is inevitable to adapt, survive and succeed.

The survey saw maximum participation from millennials, who are currently employed and received feedback from more than 1,000 people.

About 45.5 per cent of the respondents are graduates and 31.8 per cent are employed full-time with various companies, but not necessarily having years of experience. About 14.9 per

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