more development opportunities on the horizon for the cultural industry

Wang said that the cultural consumption in the post-epidemic era, like other types of consumption, needs to be analyzed in conjunction with the general trends influencing both the domestic and global economic cycles. “On one hand, new habits that have developed around the cultural consumption during the epidemic are expected to become the norm,” Wang said. “On the other hand, economic ‘internal circulation’ will create a market that demands more high-quality cultural products, which will bring more opportunities for culture industry in the future.”

The e-sports industry has grown rapidly over the past two years. The prize pool of the International DOTA 2 Champions (TI10) now has broken the US$35 million mark, exceeding the US$34.33 million for TI9 last year and once again setting a new record in terms of the amount and speed of the crowdfunding for a single e-sports competition.

However, the industry still needs to

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