Developers need holistic computer science learning that includes creative and critical thinking

Quality programming requires complex intellectual skill sets to best get the job done. Learn some tips from an industry expert on how to establish a true developer mindset.


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I’ve worked with developers for years in my capacity as a system administrator and I’ve known some truly unique and brilliant personalities. Frankly, I’ve found myself envious of people working in a discipline often committed to “single tasking” rather than the constant multi-tasking my duties entail, even though the single task may be incredibly complex.

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Learning to write quality code isn’t about doing the same thing all day, and while there are some shortcuts like reusable code samples and code development collaboration on sites like Github, developing the right mindset as a developer goes beyond just typing away on a keyboard or

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Education consultant’s advice for teachers: ‘Be creative’

Dr. Marck Abraham won’t be returning as principal at McKinley High this year, instead he’s focusing on helping educators, parents and students as a consultant

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Dr. Marck Abraham was direct when asked what’s needed for teachers, students and parents to succeed this school year. 

“Teachers step your game up, administrators step your game up, because this is an opportunity of a lifetime,” he said.

Abraham describes himself as a transformational leader. He is now an education consultant and formed MEA Consultants.

“Teachers must be creative,” he said. “There has to be a high level of engagement,” and concern for each student.

Abraham says remote learning can offer exciting opportunities for educators. 

“Instead of teaching them about the circumference of a building actually go downtown and take a video of the building,” Abraham said. “Things that you would never have an opportunity to do because of budget

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The Creative Engagement Group launches behavioural science unit led by Guy Champniss

LONDON, Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  The Creative Engagement Group (TCEG) is launching a behavioural science unit, led by Guy Champniss.


Russ Lidstone, Group CEO The Creative Engagement Group
Russ Lidstone, Group CEO The Creative Engagement Group


Providing insight and applied psychology thinking to TCEG’s transformative behaviour change programmes, the new unit’s behavioural science team will partner with all areas of TCEG’s strategic divisions.

These include capability development consultancy Cormis, employee engagement consultancy Forty1, Axiom – the scientific engagement and training division and digital learning solutions division, Logicearth.

The unit will also add unique behavioural science insight and models to TCEG’s event and experiential offer through WRG and Just Communicate, as well as its film, digital and immersive technology division – The Moment.

Guy Champniss, TCEG’s new Head of Behavioural Science, is a respected adjunct professor, industry speaker and strategic advisor in applied behavioural science. He joins TCEG from his consultancy Meltwater Consulting, where he

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