Career counselor offers her best two tips for job seekers

As the number of laid-off workers seeking unemployment benefits continues to rise during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking for work.

Sarah Seavey is a career counselor and the founder, Career Vision. She spoke to the WGN Evening News and offered tips for those looking and applying for jobs.

Among her advice is to leverage your network.  

“The two ways to land an interview are by your resume or by a referral,” she said. “When planning your job search, give yourself the best odds of landing an interview by creating both a quality resume and leveraging your network.”

She said this means reaching out to your contacts and asking for recommendations and advice.

Seavey said to also be aware of Applicant Tracking Systems, programs used by corporations to recruit and hire.

“The system are primarily used to collect, organize, and filter applicants.

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Local counselor worries prolonged distance learning may stunt social development

It is important for students, especially elementary students, to be taught in classrooms, a local licensed professional counselor said.

There are components of the learning environment schools provide that don’t translate into online lessons, Edward Acosta of Piña & Acosta Psychological Associates said Monday. The transition to virtual learning due to the coronavirus pandemic puts a hold on the critical social lessons students pick up from being at school.

“Many of us learned our social skills from our teachers,” Acosta said. “We had learned social regulation from our school, not just from our parents but from our teachers. If you recall, we probably spent more time with our teachers than we did with our parents, and they were our models of prosocial behavior, of how to interact with people.”

According to research by Albert Mehrabian, a psychology professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, 7% of a

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