Science ministry, OECD to hold videoconference to promote tech cooperation

SEOUL, Sept. 20 (Yonhap) — South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT said Sunday it will hold a joint videoconference with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to forge closer ties in key technology sectors.

Officials from the ministry and the OECD will exchange views on the upcoming post-coronavirus digital era, and how to handle advances in neurotechnology innovations in the online workshop, which runs from Monday through Thursday.

“International cooperation in the digital tech realm will be a key issue once the pandemic crisis is resolved, along with potential changes to the trading environment and governance of new technologies,” the ministry said. It said promotion of a fair trading system, protection of intellectual property and updating various industry standards will be discussed.

In the area of neurotechnology, Seoul and the Paris-based organization will deliberate on the ethical, social and economic agendas, which can cover areas such as

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Israel, 18 science ministries to enhance cooperation in COVID-19 fight

Science Minister Izhar Shay and 18 of his counterparts worldwide signed a declaration on Tuesday to enhance global cooperation in face of the coronavirus pandemic.“This is our opportunity to get together and promote innovation,” he said at a special virtual summit titled “Global Efforts in Fighting the Coronavirus.” “We are about to share the unique takeaways here so that our governments could benefit as well.”Shay launched an international virtual site to share data about COVID-19 and help scientists from around the world work in union. “We will begin with scientists from your own countries and, hopefully, be able to include others from around the world.”He said that in Israel, which has six months experience dealing with COVID-19, his ministry funded 100 projects meant to offer medical insights into the virus.“We have approached the Israeli ecosystem of start-ups, and many of them offered innovations to the government and the public,” he
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