Corporate governance in COVID-19: Cybersecurity and technology considerations

Cybersecurity oversight is a key fiduciary responsibility for a board of directors and was a significant concern for companies even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced so many organizations to suddenly shift to remote work. Data breaches and other cyber threats pose significant competitive, reputational, and litigation risks and require increasingly costly investments to prevent, detect, and respond to. Changes in the environment as a result of the pandemic have created new risks that need to be managed with board oversight.

With a cyber breach considered by most experts to be inevitable, cyber risk must be part of the board’s overall risk oversight. Keep in mind that directors don’t need to be technologists to play an effective role in cyber risk oversight. Every board can take the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of its cyber oversight practices.

The board should ask the following general questions to understand cybersecurity risk:

  • What are
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Readout from the Vice President’s Briefing with Higher Education Leaders and State and Local Officials on Campus COVID-19 Considerations

Vice President Mike Pence today led a discussion with college presidents, state and local leaders, the Secretary of Education, and members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force to brief them on the principles contained in the recently released “Recommendations for College Students.” These principles are intended to keep schools open while mitigating community spread.

The Vice President highlighted a number of states and institutions that have taken innovative and collaborative approaches to return students to their campuses. For example: Colorado State University is using surveillance testing to monitor the potential spread of COVID-19 and the University of Notre Dame quickly and efficiently dealt with an outbreak on campus. The Vice President also emphasized the importance of keeping our schools open and students on or near campus, and praised the efforts of all essential workers who have made school reopening possible, including teachers.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos provided remarks

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