UConn Program Joins Technology and Nature to Build Conservation Awareness

For many, spending time outdoors is a chance to escape, reconnect, and relax. A team of conservationists is hoping to elevate the experience even more by creating an interactive and educational story map for visitors of Eastern Connecticut Conservation District’s Milo Appley Conservation Showcase (MACS) in the town of Brooklyn.

Judy Rondeau, Rachael Trowbridge, and Genevieve Rondeau are participating in a Conservation Training Partnership (CTP) program, a part of UConn’s Natural Resources Conservation Academy (NRCA) that pairs high school students with an adult conservation volunteer. NRCA teams work on projects across the state to educate and raise awareness in conservation and environmental concerns. The program includes service learning, so communities and students all benefit from the projects.

Trowbridge and Genevieve Rondeau are both seniors at Lebanon Regional Agricultural Science and Technology Center at Lyman Memorial High School. Both are also interested in pursuing careers in environmental science, so they see

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