American Development Model: Play to Compete

Play to Compete

Age (Please note: Ages are guidelines, not restrictions)
Girls 15-21
Boys 16-23

Primary focus: Competition. This stage centers around optimum performance in the ring. Every aspect of training becomes intensified during this stage, with most players looking at golf from a year-round, long-term perspective. The ADM recommends that players spend 60 percent of their time in competition-training and competition. At this stage, a coach should be supervising all aspects of the game with parents acting as the support system. Fitness experts are also key to avoid injury.

Competition level: Players and coaches should work together to develop a competition calendar and review the overall performance annually.

What the coach recommends: The No. 1 reason Bobby Clampett moved from player to coach to was help improve the overall instructional landscape. The longtime PGA Tour and Champions player believes that many parents struggle to find the right coach to

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Column: Complete to Compete researches ways to bridge state’s skills gap – Opinion – The Columbus Dispatch

By almost every measure, Ohio’s economy has been on a roll, entering the 2020s with greater energy and optimism than at any time in decades. Having thrown off its long-held Rust Belt image, our state has embraced new technologies with a global reach and created an array of jobs for those already in the workforce as well as young Ohioans preparing for careers.

Even with Ohio’s successes, however, our ability to attract job-creating investments in new and expanded facilities has often been hampered by a mismatch of Ohioans’ skills and employer needs. The reason is that, for generations, Ohioans could achieve middle-class prosperity with a high school education or less. It is a belief that, in some quarters, has lingered. Advancements in technology and automation, however, mean that the jobs that once defined middle-class prosperity, many of them routine, manual labor, now require more advanced training. This might be even

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