Las Vegas-based Companies Band Together to Expand Access to Education Platform During the Pandemic

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — WithSocrates and Context Networks, both Las Vegas-based technology companies, today announced a partnership that will expand the availability of the Socrates Learning Platform to more students.

WithSocrates is the creator of the award-winning Socrates Learning Platform, which personalizes learning for students. Socrates was created with sponsorship from the National Science Foundation. Socrates uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning for each student, adjusting in real-time to their needs across over 2000 detailed topics of knowledge. Socrates makes learning fun through 18 gamification elements, encouraging children to learn and progress more. 

Context Networks, Inc. is the world’s first omnichannel marketing system to unify high-contextualized marketing messages across all physical and digital displays, helping casinos and lottery and iGaming operators drive new revenue streams by building more direct and meaningful relationships with their customers.

The partnership between the two companies will

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Team NEO says skills gap is driving companies to rethink requirements for entry-level jobs

IT continues to be a growth occupation in the region. Northeast Ohio saw 4,249 of 6,457 entry-level IT jobs go unfilled in 2018, according to Team NEO. The report also estimates jobs in general computing are set to grow at a rate of 5%, web developers at 7%, and software development at 10% in a period from 2019 to 2024.

As the demand for these IT jobs increases beyond the supply of college graduates, Duritsky said, companies are de-emphasizing or even eliminating the formal bachelor’s degree requirement in favor of finding candidates with relevant skills and experience.

“Increasingly where companies are having a hard time filling positions, they are starting to view the minimum education requirements differently,” he said. “There are still some examples where a bachelor’s is required, but we are starting to see some movement.”

Some companies, including Westlake-based Hyland Software, have removed the formal education requirement for

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Top 5 custom software development companies in the world

As the internet continues to transform how users interact with various software platforms like websites, web apps, and mobile applications, more business entities and brands are shifting focus to custom software development. As the phrase hints, custom software development entails creating software products that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of target users and the unique structural frameworks that define a business entity or organization.

World over, there exist countless custom software development companies providing custom software development solutions. However, not all companies can deliver outstanding software products to complement your business and propel you towards your goals. An ideal company is that which has proven competence in providing high-quality products and is conversant with the top and disruptive technologies in the industry.

Here is a list of the top 5 best custom software development companies in the world to consider. These companies have been featured in some

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Evraz Regina union says it’s losing jobs while projects are given to out-of-country companies

Evraz says it has laid off 219 people since May.

© Olivia Stefanovich/CBC
Evraz says it has laid off 219 people since May.

The president of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 5890 says Evraz Regina could lose up to 500 jobs while out-of-province projects are importing steel for a pipeline from outside of Canada.

It announced on Friday that TC Energy, a pipeline company based in Calgary, had decided to import steel from outside of Canada for its 2021 NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) expansion project.

Mike Day is the president of USW Local 5890, which is the union associated with Evraz in Regina.

He said Evraz — the largest steel company in western Canada — spoke with TC Energy last Tuesday and they were informed the job had been given to an out-of-Canada company while jobs are being lost in Saskatchewan.

“Right now, they’re only predicting that we’re going to only have roughly about 15 people working in [Evraz] come

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