Columbus teachers union pulls endorsement of school board’s James Ragland

Alissa Widman Neese
| The Columbus Dispatch

Can a member of a public school board work for a group that advocates for private and charter schools?

It’s a simmering issue that recently boiled up for Columbus City Schools teachers and board member James Ragland. Ragland is the director of provider outreach for School Choice Ohio, a nonprofit group that informs Ohio families about the educational options available for their children, including private and charter schools.

The Columbus Education Association, the district’s teachers union, recently rescinded its endorsement of Ragland and took a vote of “no confidence” in his ability to serve the district, it announced Monday.

“He is actively trying to take money out of the pockets of our students,” association President John Coneglio told The Dispatch. “While the school board may not always agree with us, we want a board that reflects the schools that Columbus students deserve. Clearly

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Singapore glass technology company sets up shop in Columbus – Business – The Columbus Dispatch

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus to find its niche in the emerging “smart glass” industry.

A Singapore company is moving to Columbus with the goal of transforming the emerging “smart glass” industry.

The company, Nodis, has developed what it says is a less-expensive way to produce glass that can be tinted and otherwise controlled by a user.

Nodis worked for five years in Singapore to develop its TruTint technology and is now moving its executive team to Columbus. The company plans to open a factory in central Ohio to manufacture its key “nano particle” component, which will be applied to a film in Korea before being shipped to glass manufacturers worldwide to embed in the final smart glass product.

“We use nano particles suspended in liquid that can be oriented when a voltage is applied, acting like a shutter on the window,” said Mike Holt, an adviser to

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Column: Complete to Compete researches ways to bridge state’s skills gap – Opinion – The Columbus Dispatch

By almost every measure, Ohio’s economy has been on a roll, entering the 2020s with greater energy and optimism than at any time in decades. Having thrown off its long-held Rust Belt image, our state has embraced new technologies with a global reach and created an array of jobs for those already in the workforce as well as young Ohioans preparing for careers.

Even with Ohio’s successes, however, our ability to attract job-creating investments in new and expanded facilities has often been hampered by a mismatch of Ohioans’ skills and employer needs. The reason is that, for generations, Ohioans could achieve middle-class prosperity with a high school education or less. It is a belief that, in some quarters, has lingered. Advancements in technology and automation, however, mean that the jobs that once defined middle-class prosperity, many of them routine, manual labor, now require more advanced training. This might be even

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COVID precautions costly for Ohio schools – News – The Columbus Dispatch

jhon yudha

Ohio school districts are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars more this year on cleaning supplies, additional personnel and technology to deal with the coronavirus.

Moving quickly from desk to desk, head custodian John Phelps directed the nozzle of his electrostatic backpack sprayer toward an empty student chair.

With a squeeze, a burst of the electrically charged disinfectant coated the back rest and began working to destroy hidden germs.

Phelps then made his way along the classroom walls, targeting the handles on the cabinets, the ledge of the whiteboard, the light switches and anywhere else Glenwood Intermediate student fingers may have touched earlier that day. He was finished in roughly 2 minutes.

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Without the backpack sprayer, Phelps and the Plain Local School District’s other evening custodians would have been pumping spray bottles by hand to disinfect every

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