A Top Career Coach’s Advice on Job Hunting, Workplace During Pandemic

Working from home for months can be exhausting. Allie/Unsplash

It’s a tricky time out there, whether you’re looking for a job right now or are lucky enough to still have one.

With unemployment rates hovering at record highs and massive corporate layoffs still happening, finding a job that matches your expertise might feel more difficult than ever. And for those still employed, fears of unexpected layoffs can be just as exhausting. Add in the side effects of working from home that have started creeping in now that most office jobs have been set remotely for over five months, and rethinking a career is inevitable.

“When you’re in the office, many forms of communication happen informally, implicitly and coincidentally,” said Victor Cheng, a former McKinsey & Company consultant, career coach and the author of several business books, including The Recession-Proof Business. “This occurs when you run into somebody next to the

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