Optomi Significantly Reduces the Time and Expense of Hiring for Clients Seeking Technology Talent | News

ATLANTA, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Optomi, the technology talent brand of Optomi Professional Services, is known for significantly improving the interview-to-hire ratio for clients through a skill-set-focused approach to recruiting. Discovering culturally aligned candidates who possess the skills necessary to excel in their roles is a strength of Optomi’s.

A typical employer seeking to hire for a position will review 250 resumes and conduct 6-8 first interviews with 2-3 rounds afterward before making an offer to a single candidate. Optomi takes the burden from the hiring manager by vetting candidates so effectively that the firm averages an interview-to-hire ratio of 3:1 versus the industry norm of 6:1 (or worse).

“A time-consuming hiring process eats up hiring managers’ bandwidth and causes delays that can affect the entire organization. Our highly-effective skill-set approach to recruiting talent coupled with our proven processes streamline the hiring and greatly improve the chances that

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