NJ School Districts Issue Clear Cry for Help

Credit: (AP Photo/LM Otero)
File photo: Teacher Ann Darby checks the temperature of sixth-grader Anthony Gonzales at a summer STEM camp in Wylie, Texas on July 14, 2020. The debate over reopening schools continues across the U.S. One major factor is cost, some of which — but by no means all — for New Jersey schools Gov. Phil Murphy addressed in his revised budget.

Title: “Choosing the Best Road Back for Our Children: The Second in a Series of Reports on Education During the Pandemic”

Author: The New Jersey School Boards Association, representing all of the state’s more than 600 boards of education.

Date: Aug. 31, 2020

What it says: The latest report follows an initial report in May that started to gather information and recommendations from school boards and their superintendents on how schools were reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Going a step further, this report provides a series

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