Ad claims James supports DeVos’ agenda to cut public school funding: Here’s a fact check

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a man wearing a suit and tie: Senate candidate John James speaks during a President Donald Trump rally at the MBS International Airport in Freeland, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020.

© Mandi Wright, Detroit Free Press
Senate candidate John James speaks during a President Donald Trump rally at the MBS International Airport in Freeland, Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020.

Claim: “John James supported Betsy DeVos’ agenda to cut public school funding and put it into wealthy private schools instead.”

A Facebook ad from the Senate Majority PAC — which helps elect Democratic candidates to the Senate — attacks Michigan Republican Senate candidate John James, claiming that he “backed Betsy DeVos’ agenda to take money away from public schools and give it to wealthy private schools instead.”

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DeVos has long been a proponent in Michigan

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Education Dept. Opens Investigation into Princeton after President Claims Racism ‘Embedded’ in University

National Review

Minneapolis City Council Members Complain of Rising Crime Months after Trying to Defund Police Department

Minneapolis City Council members complained of rising crime rates in the city and asked the city’s police chief what he is doing about it during a Tuesday meeting on police reform, months after the council proposed dismantling the police department.Council members told police chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents have reported seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings, according to an MPR News report.”Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police’?” said newly elected council member Jamal Osman who has been swamped by resident complaints that calls for police are going unanswered.“That is the only public safety option they have at the moment. MPD. They rely on MPD. And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen,” Osman said.In the aftermath of the police

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UK unemployment nears 2-year high in July, as pandemic claims 750,000 jobs since March

  • The UK’s unemployment rate rose to near two-year highs at 4.1% in July, as almost 750,000 jobs were lost since March this year.
  • The number of employees on payroll fell by 695,000 since March, despite the three months to July marking the period of relaxed lockdown restrictions.
  • The claimant count rose by 120.8% since March to reach 2.7 million in August. 
  • Latest data might not present the true extent of job losses in Britain as “the numbers still don’t include those who have yet to return to work from furlough, and as such aren’t classified as unemployed quite yet,” a chief market analyst said.
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The coronavirus pandemic cost 750,000 people their jobs in the UK between March and August and pushed the unemployment rate above 4% for the first time since October 2018, according to data released Tuesday

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Green School funding saga continues as Chris Hipkins rejects claims made in James Shaw video

Chris Hipkins, James Shaw are posing for a picture


Minister of Education Chris Hipkins is disputing a claim from Greens co-leader James Shaw he gave “verbal sign-off” for the Green School proposal, describing it as a mischaracterisation.

A leaked video shows Shaw telling party members he got the okay from Hipkins in a conversation they had before the controversial bid was signed off.

Shaw’s been in damage control since infuriating party supporters, schools and unions with his strong advocacy for the nearly $12 million application for the private school.

The expansion project was approved by a group of wider ministers under a $3 billion infrastructure fund – they say Shaw should take full responsibility as the sole advocate for the bid.

That advocacy extended to threatening to block at least 44 projects, earmarked for $600m of funding, unless it was given the green light.

While Hipkins had no involvement in the ministerial approval, in the video, Shaw

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Employers are planning more layoffs, as Trump claims jobs are “flowing”

President Donald Trump has hailed the economy in speeches and on social media, proclaiming in August that “jobs are flowing.” But even as some employers are rehiring workers, others are shedding thousands of jobs, with major companies announcing 50,000 job cuts in the last two weeks alone. 

a person holding a sign in the middle of a city street: Philadelphian's Rally To Demand Congress Return To Pass The HEROES Act

© NurPhoto
Philadelphian’s Rally To Demand Congress Return To Pass The HEROES Act

Weekly unemployment claims remain above 1 million, a “historically high” level, according to labor economist Heidi Shierholz of the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute. And some industries, including travel and entertainment, continue to shed workers as consumers remain wary of traveling as the coronavirus continues to spread in regions of the U.S.


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Six months after the pandemic shuttered the U.S., bringing its economy to a standstill, a second wave of job cuts is emerging. Under labor regulations, companies must tell employees that they are formally “separated” — in other

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