The News launches Education Lab to deepen coverage of our schools and explore solutions to persistent challenges

Rarely has there been a more critical time to provide in-depth coverage of our schools.

A global health crisis and social justice movement have brought the deep inequities and challenges that have long plagued education to the forefront of community conversations.

Finding solutions to those issues that help lead to better outcomes for all children is critical to the future of North Texas.

That’s why The Dallas Morning News is launching the new Education Lab, a community-funded journalism initiative aimed at not only expanding our coverage of the most pressing issues in education but also deepening the conversations we have with students, parents and educators.

The Education Lab will build on The News’ longstanding commitment to quality journalism. We will report on pressing issues such as how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting students’ access to opportunities; how well schools are preparing tomorrow’s workforce; and how state funding challenges are affecting

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GUEST COLUMN: Is higher education ready for technology challenges? | Opinion

Two trends/challenges facing higher education are a rise of the competency-based education framework and advances in technology for today and moving forward. While the former trend/challenge is more so with higher education as a whole, the real challenge with both is more directly with the educators. As tenured, aging educators face the reality of what’s around the corner, I believe the questions to be addressed are: Are they ready for the change and will they be able to adapt? Will higher education institutions properly adjust to the possibility of even fewer people in the brick and mortar setting and more in the virtual learning space?

Not only do these challenges come from technology, but more so how the students are going to use it. The rise of online courses, shorter/more inviting competency-based learning platforms and freedom within the parameters of learning pace (faster/slower) are not likely to drop in their

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Nonprofit tackles challenges of special needs education amid pandemic

A new approach to teaching students with special needs is taking shape as students around the country return to some form of schooling. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing unique challenges already, experts fear children that need more intensive educational support are in danger of being left behind.

a group of people in a park: cbsn-fusion-a-helping-hand-nonprofit-aims-to-aid-special-needs-students-thumbnail-552024-640x360.jpg

© Credit: CBSNews

“He doesn’t have much receptive language. And he was starting to understand small things,” New York mother Kristen Teodoro told CBS News’ Jamie Wax. “He was starting to want to participate in group activities, which he’d never really wanted to do. And then COVID happened.”

Teodoro, whose 5-year-old son Hudson is on the autism spectrum, turned her concern into action and founded Hudson’s Helping Hands.” The nonprofit offers support to children with special needs by encouraging socialization and engagement within a group setting. For health and safety, temperature checks are performed at the entrance, all parents are required to

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3 biggest school maintenance challenges, and solutions, during COVID-19

This is an ideal time for school administrators to carefully consider their mitigation strategies to help protect students, teachers, and staff

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM via Unsplash.

Bryan Christiansen is the founder and CEO of Limble CMMS. Limble is a modern, easy to use mobile computerized maintenance management system.

As the debate about resuming in-person classes in schools across the country continues, it’s clear that the most pressing priorities of schools have changed. In previous years, school administrators used to be occupied with issues surrounding funding, safety, and physical access control. Although all those issues are still valid, the coronavirus pandemic has added additional layers of concern. The body of evidence is growing that children of all ages are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection and, contrary to early reports, they might play a role in transmission.

This is, therefore, an ideal time for school administrators to carefully consider their mitigation strategies to

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Working Families Face Rising Special Education and Mental Health Challenges, Torchlight Report Finds

BOSTON, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Torchlight, a leading provider of employee-caregiver support solutions, today announced the results of its multi-phased report of the hardships U.S. employees are facing during COVID-19. The Torchlight Report of Working Caregiver Concerns found that U.S. employees are under siege on multiple fronts as they manage escalating education issues with their children, surging mental health and social challenges with both their children and elderly family members, and their own increasing burnout due in part to

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