Suspects drove luxury vehicles through glass display windows during a Mercedes-Benz burglary in East Memphis.

Memphis Commercial Appeal

We cannot let XPO take advantage of public funds and skirt around taxes if they are not going to treat our community and our people with the respect we deserve.

Story Highlights

  • Lakeisha Nelson is a former XPO Logistics worker.
  • Tasha Murrel is a former XPO Logistics worker and current Teamsters organizer advocating for the rights of XPO workers.

If you’ve ever worked at a warehouse in Memphis, the summer heat is something you don’t forget.

Lugging twenty-pound boxes in temperatures over a hundred degrees, only ten hours into a twelve-hour shift, is grueling. It’s no wonder that at XPO Logistics’ now shuttered Verizon warehouse, with little ventilation and no air conditioning, it became commonplace for workers