Most Britons accept LGBT+ people, but concern over education persists

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Most people in Britain are now happy to have gay or bisexual people as colleagues, neighbours and leaders, but many still think schools should not teach young children about homosexuality, researchers said on Thursday.

While more that 90% of those surveyed by research company Kantar expressed acceptance of gay and bisexual people, about four in 10 said they would not want six-year-olds to be taught that it is ok to be gay.

“In the UK, we have come a long way, but this study shows that social progress is not guaranteed,” said Craig Watkins, UK chief executive of Kantar’s public division, in a statement.

“Although we see high levels of comfort of LGB people in community leadership roles, notable proportions of people have concerns about the education of children,” he said.

Kantar surveyed 2,363 people aged 16 and over between 8 July and 6 August

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