High School Football: Beloved Fall Tradition Or Unnecessary Coronavirus Risk?

A semi-full slate of college football games is scheduled for this weekend as a season unfolds….anxiously.

Already, two of the five major Division 1 conference have decided not to play this fall because of the coronavirus.

At the same time, high school football is happening in more than 30 states this fall. And so is a debate over whether it’s right, or reckless, to let teenagers play a game considered high risk for COVID-19 transmission.

Six feet apart

With the required tip of the cap to Texas, high school football is a really big deal in Alabama too.

Last week’s game between Spain Park and Briarwood Christian, outside of Birmingham, could’ve been any Friday night game. Until, of course, this P.A. announcement:

“For the sake of all our students involved, mask up, social distance and wash your hands. We certainly thank you!”

Many in the stands did mask up. But

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