Amazon To Add 10,000 Jobs In Bellevue As Hiring Spree Continues

Amazon on Friday announced plans to add another 10,000 jobs in Bellevue, Washington in the next few years.

Amazon (AMZN) said that the employment plans are on top of the 15,000 new jobs in Bellevue, which the e-commerce giant already announced in February this year. Bellevue is located just 10 miles from the e-commerce giant’s Seattle headquarters. Amazon has about 3,000 employees in Bellevue and 50,000 in Seattle.

“To accommodate these new roles in the city, we’ve secured an additional 2 million square feet of office space in downtown Bellevue by leasing new, iconic, and sustainable properties from Vulcan: 555 Tower and West Main,” Amazon’s John Schoettler wrote in a blog post.

Schoettler added that these projects, which are already under development, are situated close to the future Bellevue downtown station, which is scheduled to open in 2023.

In addition, Amazon is building the so-called Bellevue 600-project, which

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Amazon to Add 10,000 Jobs to City of Bellevue

Amazon announced Friday that it will add 10,000 new jobs to the city of Bellevue, Wash., over the next few years.

a sign above a store: Amazon to Add 10,000 Jobs to City of Bellevue

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Amazon to Add 10,000 Jobs to City of Bellevue

The technology company acquired an additional two million square feet of office space in downtown Bellevue.


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Its biggest project is the Bellevue 600, a 27-story office tower designed by the Seattle-based firm NBBJ that just entered its second phase of development. The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

“I want to thank the company for their generous support of critical services during this time of economic recovery. The city looks forward to expanding our partnership with Amazon and creating new opportunities for all Bellevue residents,” said Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson.

The mayor also disclosed that Amazon had provided the city’s Human Services Fund with a $1 million grant “to support health and human service

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Amazon to hire 10,000 workers in Bellevue, near Seattle headquarters

  • Amazon is adding 10,000 new jobs to its planned Bellevue, Washington expansion. 
  • The retail giant said Friday its new leases on two buildiings there will now total 25,000 positions. 
  • Earlier this year, the company lost a fierce fight against a new tax imposed by the Seattle City Council on large companies. 
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Amazon appears to be following through on reports it plans to shift its footprint out of Seattle.

The company on Friday said it plans to hire an additional 10,000 workers in Bellevue, Washington on top of the 15,000 jobs it promised last year. It’s also leasing two new offices near a planned transit extension in the suburb’s downtown to accommodate the workers.

“These projects will provide our teams with state-of-the-art office space, and the community with new amenities — such as public parks and retail space — to help fulfill the city’s

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