Mikai Greer does virtual school with help from his brother, Kobe Matthews and his father, Sergio Greer. (Photo: Submitted by Mia Greer)

As pandemic parenting wears on, we’re taking on new roles we never planned on.

I never considered myself to be especially knowledgeable in public health, yet I now find myself keeping track of who my children’s close contacts are, and explaining to my daughters the difference between quarantine and isolation as I make sure they have a clean face mask as well as a backup every day before school.

Milwaukee mom Mia Greer and her husband, Sergio, never planned to be — nor wanted to be — homeschooling parents, but that’s how they would describe themselves these days. Greer works first shift, her husband works third shift, and between their work schedules, they balance the virtual schooling of their first grader, fifth grader and eighth grader.