Congress, President Trump must step in an save aviation jobs


American Airlines said in July that it plans to layoff or furlough nearly 1,500 employees in Mecklenburg, 739 in Wake County and 370 in Forsyth County starting Oct. 1 unless federal protections for the aviation industry are extended. The protections expire Sept. 30.


Congress, help the aviation industry

I am an American Airlines flight attendant based in Charlotte. COVID-19 is the worst crisis to hit the industry in the history of commercial aviation.

Congress passed the Payroll Support Program to save aviation jobs and stabilize our industry. However, thousands of jobs will disappear on Oct. 1 if Congress does not extend PSP.

Aviation is essential to a strong economy, including Charlotte’s local economy. Extending PSP can only happen if Congress and the White House negotiate and pass a stimulus bill.

Washington: Do your job so I can do mine. Americans will be ready to travel

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