ASX opens up DataSphere data science platform

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has opened its DataSphere platform to third parties.

DataSphere is touted by the ASX as an open data science platform that supports analytics and machine learning. The selling point is that customers can access ASX and third party data to solve problems. It also allows customers to commercialise their data and analytics.

ASX trading services executive general manager David Raper said the platform has significantly expanded its ASX datasets since launching last year, and now includes datasets from third parties.  

“We are in positive discussions with a growing community of data partners and a number of local and global data generators,” Raper said. “We’re opening up new and unique datasets.”

Raper said the catalogue of ASX and non-ASX datasets span fixed income, interest rate, derivatives, equities, and benchmarks.

“We’re already working with customers to build data products within the fixed income space,” he added. “We’re

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