As science is under assault, Georgia Tech president affirms people-centered research, teaching

By David Pendered

At a time science and its practitioners are under assault, Georgia Tech President Ángel Cabrera spoke of the role of research institutions and their mission to provide, “hope to find solutions to the most important problems of our time.”

Ángel Cabrera. Credit: Georgia Tech

Cabrera’s remarks affirm Tech’s continuing commitment to address the thorniest issues of the era, even two that are draped in political discord: The coronavirus, and social equity. These two challenges, and their related components, represent the new mission of the institute Cabrera intends to lead as its 12th president.

“I’m proud of the science and innovation here,” Cabrera continued. “But, ultimately, it’s not technology for technology’s sake, but to improve the human condition.”

Tech new mission statement, devised in a collaborative process in an exercise suggested by Cabrera after he arrived on campus a year ago this autumn, states that Tech is

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