Comment: Job certainty, career aspirations and Covid-19

Engineering UK chief executive Dr Hilary Leevers reflects on the impact that the pandemic has had on young peoples’ career aspirations

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on all aspects of life from individual wellbeing to public health and the economy. Amid talk of the deepest recession the UK has seen for 300 years, students of all ages have had their education, training and exams disrupted and more recently, the grading and communication of their results thrown into complete disarray. There is no doubt that analysis of what all this means for individuals, the education system and beyond will continue for months to come and for now I’d like to congratulate students for all they’ve achieved, together with the teachers and parents who have supported them during the most unsettling and challenging of times.

With schools across the UK planning to re-open fully for the autumn term over

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