West Alabama Works Planning Mobile Career Development Events

TUSCALOOSA, AL. — West Alabama Works announced this week it will bring its career development services to communities across the region from Oct. 6-16. The road trip will make stops in Greene, Hale, Marengo, Sumter and Tuscaloosa counties in the hopes of boosting employment fortunes in underserved areas.

West Alabama Works says its mobile workforce units will be used to assist attendees applying for jobs or training opportunities. Additionally, the outreach team will help attendees enter Career Connect, West Alabama Works’ application portal.

The workforce development group said Career Connect links those looking for work with over 16 employers in the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and construction industries.

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Outreach and

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Are there enough school nurses in Alabama to deal with coronavirus?

As Alabama schools reopen, medical experts say it’s a matter of when, not if, before students and staff bring COVID-19 into schools.

The first handful of systems just began to reopen last week. Already, five students at Saraland High School were sent home for a 14-day isolation after coming in contact with someone who had the virus on the first day of school.

There have been outbreaks and closures as students returned to school in Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia.

In Alabama, every school that opens for students must have a plan in place to isolate students or staff showing symptoms and also to track down who the student or staff may have come into “close contact” with while at school.

Those duties, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health, fall to the school nurse.

That’s on top of regular school nurse duties in a given day.

But there’s a

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