Advocates raise concerns about funding cuts on 33rd anniversary of Willowbrook State School’s closure

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Advocates for the developmentally disabled gathered at the site of the former Willowbrook State School on Thursday to raise concerns about funding cuts.

Rally attendees, including parents and some former employees of the institution, raised concerns about a possible “return to Willowbrook” if New York is either unable or unwilling to adequately fund programs across the state.

Laura Kennedy, a parent advocate who has a developmentally disabled daughter, addressed the crowd gathered for the 33rd anniversary of Willowbrook’s official closure by former Gov. Mario Cuomo and called on his son to adequately fund the needed services.

“We are here today as advocates to express our fears and frustrations to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration for their continuing neglect of people with developmental disabilities,” she said. “We gather here to protest the draconian budget cuts he has implemented and continue to implement.”

At least 100 attendees

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Advocates, Parents, And Disabled Students Want More Than Just Better Funding For Schools

Out of the dozens of issues that make up the world of disability policy and politics, education may be the most frustrating, and at the same time the most important.

One of the proudest achievements of the disability rights movement is the stunning change in education of kids with disabilities. In a little under 50 years, we have gone from a situation where most disabled students simply had no legal right to a public education — and were widely excluded from schools with no recourse at all — to a legal right and nearly universal expectation that all kids with any disability will receive a public education in a completely or mostly mainstream environment. It’s an undeniable improvement.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, generally referred to as IDEA, makes the right to a “free, appropriate education” for children and youth with disabilities Federal law, and outlines detailed roles

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Advocates Team Up to Help State Leaders Reinforce the Quality of Education and Training Options

Advocates Team Up to Help State Leaders Reinforce the Quality of Education and Training Options

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WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, 2020

Credential Engine leads groundbreaking collaboration to help job-seekers make better informed decisions about their education investments

WASHINGTON, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Credential Engine today announced the expansion of its quality assurance and state policy work to include National Skills Coalition, Education Quality Outcomes Standards (EQOS) Board, and Education Strategy Group (ESG), each of which is working with states to improve the ability to define and describe the quality and value of various credentials.

“As states continue down the road to recovery from the pandemic, building a more resilient economic future will include equipping learners, workers, and employers with the data they need to clearly identify which pathways will lead to the outcomes they seek,” said Scott Cheney, CEO of Credential Engine. “We’re excited to welcome the

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