Child Advocacy Center facing funding issues | News

In a normal year, more than 250 alleged cases of child abuse come into the Child Advocacy Center of Tuscola County.

Executive Director Kathleen Sweeney interviews every single child.

But this year she’s only seen 90 kids, far less than usual. There’s worry that lower number does not mean less abuse.

“There was virtual school. There were no eyes on these children. And we were very, very much concerned about what was happening. And there was no one to disclose to or report any abuse, said Sweeney.

To make matters worse, the center is in financial trouble. Due to COVID, they weren’t able to have their six-month fundraising campaign starting in April.

“People have little to no comprehension oftentimes, of the work that’s done in a center like this to help provide a safe environment for children,” explained Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene.

On top of all that, the center

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